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A wingsuit race simulation

*THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, ALPHA TEST AT YOUR OWN RISK* In this Wingsuit Simulator, you fly through various rings and race against your own time. As you complete courses, newer and harder courses become available. You also level up as you play, unlocking new wingsuit abilities. +++++THERE IS NO CONTROLLER REQUIRED+++++ Controls (for Moga Power Pro): Right Analog Stick - (comfort mode on) flip left and right to alter the camera direction by a modest amount. (comfort mode off) smoothly sweep the camera left and right A Button - (while airborn in career mode) Parachute (practice mode) spawn teleport beacon.

I will be keeping this app up to date, please feel free to email me suggestions as I continue working on it. Thanks! 1.0.1: Whats New--------Added progression persistence and an option to reset it in the menu. --------- Changed practice mode to reflect the name. Now in practice mode, whenever you are airborn you begin to wingsuit. You also have the ability to hold down the X button and place a teleport beacon with your gaze, as soon as you release the X button, you are teleported 30m in the air above the beacon. ------- Various bug fixes. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// NEW UPDATE 1.1: Many things have changed due to popular request. THE GAME NO LONGER REQUIRES A CONTROLLER. You no longer walk, you simply press the back button, chose a course and then tap the touch pad to fly/parachute before you crash. +++ Fixed some issues with persistence +++ fixed some issues with practice mode. +++ Increased performance across devices +++ removed all cube teleports, movement is now done via teleporting with the map. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// NEW UPDATE: 1.2..............Tracks 4-7 added!! ................. When you load a track from the map, you face the wrong direction less frequently. .................... your most recent time is shown on the leader boards in white ..................... tweaked the flight mechanics to make it more realistic/fast .............................. added a whooshing sound any time you fly near something ............................ made it so that when you start a track, all the starting gates vanish. Stay tuned for more! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// UPDATE 1.3: Player Progression_______________________________ 1. You level up as you complete courses, unlocking new abilities for your wingsuit each level. ___________________________________________ 2. Added "free flight" mode, where you can explore the world of EVERY map using the teleport beacon. ___________________________________________ 3. Added extra islands to the "Stormy Mountain" free flight map. ___________________________________________ 4. Updated the sounds in game and changed some of the flight mechanics.

What is SideloadVR?

SideloadVR builds custom GearVR .apks that include the user's signature file. This means that developers can share their ideas without going through Oculus Home and the global signing process.

SideloadVR is built on the idea of an open system, where developers can freely share their content with an extended tester user base.

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Who is VR Bits?

VR Bits is creating immersive Virtual Reality content in cooperation with VR industry leaders such as Oculus VR, Sony, Samsung and Google. We love Virtual Reality and want developers to be able to share their ideas freely.

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