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SideloadVR Needs your help!

Sideload costs roughly $400 per month to run. If you like Sideload and the idea of a free, independent GearVR market place, please consider beocming a patron. Thank you!


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Fire laser beams at incoming rockets to defend your floating islands!

Defend your islands from rockets shot by enemies hiding behind the evil black fog. You are equipped with a laser beam capable of destroying anything. Use it to destroy rockets and enemies. Teleport between islands to better position in battle. Get the high score to be on the global leaderboard!
We are trying to figure out why Oculus is saying our app does not meet their standards. If you could send us any feedback to the listed e-mail that would be great!

What is SideloadVR?

SideloadVR builds custom GearVR .apks that include the user's signature file. This means that developers can share their ideas without going through Oculus Home and the global signing process.

SideloadVR is built on the idea of an open system, where developers can freely share their content with an extended tester user base.

If you are a developer and want to be included in SideloadVR, please fill out this form and we will get back to you.

Who is VR Bits?

VR Bits is creating immersive Virtual Reality content in cooperation with VR industry leaders such as Oculus VR, Sony, Samsung and Google. We love Virtual Reality and want developers to be able to share their ideas freely.

How does Sideload work?

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